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Vinyl Siding & Exterior Home Coverings

What to consider when installing vinyl siding on your home:

Rich Home Exteriors offers a wide variety of products for the exterior of your home.

All manufacturers have a builder’s grade product-gauge .036, .038 and .040, (usually lumber yards carry these lines), a better line .044 and a best line .046 and .050.  When you shop for vinyl siding, check out quality as well as name brand.

At Rich Home Exteriors, we only install product gauge of .044 or better.  The heavier gauge products line up straighter on your home and stay locked.

Siding is more exciting now then ever before.  You are only limited by your imagination.  Many of our customers mix & match by combining a siding color of one brand with a trim color of another brand.

Come and visit our showrooms to see some of the many exciting combinations available and explore the possibilities!

When considering vinyl siding for their home, many times customers focus on the per square price of vinyl siding. (Vinyl siding is sold per square. A square is 100 sq feet.)  This is a valid concern, however there are many other components needed to correctly install vinyl siding that need to be considered. 

The accessories can add an additional $100.00 to $200.00 per square to the cost of the vinyl siding itself. 

Some specialty siding has custom starters, J channel, nails and corners that need to be used with their products. 

It is imperative when installing certain specialty siding products that the proper accessories are installed and “that the manufacturer’s instruction are followed”.  In order for a manufacturer to warranty your siding, it has to be installed per manufacturer’s instructions.  If it is not installed correctly, the manufacturer’s warranty is null and void. 

As an aside, many heavier panels, .044 or better, have reinforced nail hems and bigger butts.  These features make it easier to lock the panels and to keep them locked.  A thin nail hem and thin butt are hard to lock and line up properly.  The reinforced nail hem and large butt help keep the panels lined up on the side of your home.  In a nutshell, you get what you pay for.

Necessary vinyl siding accessories are, starter strip, J channel,, F channel, soffit solid or vented, undersill, inside corners, outside corners, siding nails the correct length, trim nails the color of the aluminum trim being installed, and insulation, various sizes for feathering.

The next product to consider is insulation that will go behind you siding.   At Rich Home Exteriors we offer insulation in 3/8”, 1/2”, 3/4” and 1” ESP, one pound density.

Foam board insulation serves two purposes, one is insulation the other is a leveling board.  Frequently on older homes, it is necessary to “feather” the wall to get it level, (dips and bulges on your house wall need to be leveled off in order for the vinyl siding to line up on the wall and to lock the panels properly).  That is the reason we stock foam board insulation in several different sizes.

After you have chosen your siding colors, you need to consider the trim colors.  In the vernacular of the siding trade, trim is the soffit, fascia, window and door casings.  This is a custom made product from aluminum coil stock or vinyl coated coil stock.  The trim must be in aluminum coil stock because it has to be bent and shaped to cover your existing trim.

At Rich Home Exteriors we automatically include the “extras” that most other contractors charge for. 

We automatically include all necessary J blocks for your lights, J vents for your dryer, and split J blocks for your faucets plus any necessary louvers.  These are available in 220 colors that match most siding or you may go with a contrasting color for accent.

Below are examples of some of the accessories that you can use on your house.  
Mounting Blocks
When it comes to a home, little things can matter the most. That’s why unfinished rough openings around exterior lighting and fixtures can take away from even the best siding job. Mounting Blocks help to seat fixtures correctly, giving your siding job a completely finished look.
Available in:
• Mount Master® Mounting Blocks in six sizes.
• Recessed Style Blocks in four sizes.
• Split Block to fit around outdoor faucets, etc.
• Surface Master® Mounting Blocks.

• UL–Listed Electrical Blocks.
• Meter Block.
• Standard House Address Kit.

Master® Exhaust Vent
• Available in over 220 colors plus paintable.
• Patented exhaust flaps stay closed
when not in use. Patented Lock-On Trim Ring. Includes 8" long aluminum tube (4" dia.).
• Net free area: 12 sq. in.
• Optional Small Animal Guard available. 


Mid-America Gable Vents

At Rich Home Exteriors we automatically include removal and disposal of all construction debris related to your project.

The last but not the least item to consider when you are going to side your home is the quality and expertise of your siding applicator.

Vinyl siding is not wood siding.  There are many tolerances working with vinyl siding that need to be taken into consideration.

Vinyl Siding is a very weather sensitive product.  It expands in the summer and shrinks in the winter.  


A home is the largest single investment the average person makes in their lifetime.  At Rich Home Exteriors we treat your home with the respect it deserves.